Diamond Mineral Springs
& The Back Porch


Blue Springs Cafe

The story of Diamond Mineral Springs and the Foot-Hi Pies...

In 1979, Brad Michael and Loren Siever decided to venture into the woods of Grantfork, Illinois to purchase Diamond Mineral Springs from Bob Landolt. After several years of struggle, they asked for the help of Vanessa Michael (Brad's wife) and her sister Laurie Plocher. The sisters remodeled the decor along with the menu, adding the now-famous Foot-Hi Pies in flavors of banana, chocolate, and coconut crème, as well the lemon meringue.

By this time, Vanessa had whipped her baking skills into fine form and began expanding the dessert menu far beyond the pies themselves. It wasn't long before the cheesecakes had become the draw for those who didn't even know they enjoyed desserts.

Of course, an establishment over 120 years old has much more history than the history we've provided here. Please continue to browse our site to learn more about it's long history as well the current menus, news, and more.

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